The European Low Frequency Survey: observing the radio sky to understand the beginning of the Universe

Nowadays the leading contender to understand the initial conditions of the Big Bang is inflation, which predicts the existence of a primordial background of gravitational waves that must have left its imprint in the CMB polarization: the so-called ​ B-modes. The main difficulty in measuring the ​ B-modes comes not just from its sheer faintness but from the fact that many other objects in the universe also emit polarized microwaves.

The European Low Frequency Survey (ELFS) is a project that will allow the detection of the ​ B-modes by measuring the Galactic and extra-Galactic foregrounds in the 5 - 120 GHz frequency window, and with at least 30 arcmin resolution at 5 GHz,
which is currently essentially unexplored at the required precision level. This characterizes ELFS with a strong complementarity and combination potential with other  probes.

In this talk I will briefly review the scientific motivation for ELFS, its instrumental characteristics and the team plans towards the constitution of a scientific consortium.


Lundi, 15 juin, 2020 - 11:00

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