Composite and holographic axions

The idea that low energy fields such as Gravitons or Axions can be 
thought of as composite particles has been entertained since a long 
time. We revisit this idea motivated by the AdS/CFT correspondence. We 
focus in the case of axions and show that hidden sectors coupled to SM 
fields may provide an emergent axionic field that is a composite of the 
hidden fields (instanton density). This is a more general phenomenon 
beyond holographic theories. We study the general properties of such an 
"emergent axion", without a PQ symmetry. The construction goes beyond 
holography and we make a preliminary analysis on the phenomenological 
viability of our class of models.


Mardi, 28 janvier, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00

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Panagiotis Betzios


University of Crete

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