Colloquium APC: Gravity Induced CP Violation

The observed CP and T violations in neutral Kaons experiments result from an interplay between two oscillations coupled by earth gravity: (i) mixing associated with second order weak coupling and (ii) strange quark’s zitterbewegung:

The main results of this study are: (i) the origin of indirect and direct CP violations is identified, (ii) the measured values of the CP violations parameters e and e’ are predicted in agreement with the experimental values, and (iii) the right status of the symmetry violation induced by gravity is restored.

This violation is in fact a CPT violation with T conservation rather than the usual interpretation as a T violation with CPT conservation.

The difference between microscopic and macroscopic time reversal violations is stressed as a source of confusion.

These new results are of  broad appeal, particularly in cosmology as the understanding of the origin of CP violation might help to explain how our matter dominated universe emerged during its early evolution.


Mercredi, 2 octobre, 2024 - 11:00 to 12:00

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  • Colloquium APC

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RAX Jean-Marcel


Université de Paris-Saclay

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  • APC colloquium

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