BMS flux-balance laws

Asymptotically flat spacetimes admit both supertranslations and Lorentz transformations as asymptotic symmetries known as BMS symmetries. Furthermore, they admit super-Lorentz transformations, namely superrotations and superboosts, as outer symmetries associated with super angular momentum and super-center-of-mass charges. In this talk, we present the flux-balance laws for all such (extended) BMS charges in terms of radiative multipole moments at future null infinity. Fluxes of energy, angular momentum and octupole super-angular momentum arise at 2.5PN, fluxes of quadrupole supermomentum arise at 3PN and fluxes of momentum, center-of-mass and octupole super-center-of-mass arise at 3.5PN. If time permits, we argue how each BMS flux-balance law can be thought of as a constraint on the source evolution.


Mardi, 3 mars, 2020 - 15:00 to 16:00

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Roberto Oliveri

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