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Studying the Beginning of the Universe from the Bottom of the World

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is the thermal glow from the Big Bang birth of our Universe. Studying its pattern has taught us an enormous amount about the content, evolution and fate of the Universe in which we find ourselves. Basic theory allows us to push our understanding back to an enormously high energy state, and infer the very particular set of conditions which pertained at that time - almost uniform plasma with Gaussian, scale free perturbations.

However, we need an even more radical theory dubbed "Inflation" to explain

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The landscape of gravitational waves astrophysics after the third LIGO-Virgo observational run

Abstract:  The LIGO and Virgo collaborations released the latest results and
   datasets corresponding the third observational run in Autumn 2021
   with the GWTC2.1 and GWTC-3 catalogs. Thanks to the instrumental
   upgrades that occurred the year before, the sensitivity of the
   interferometers has considerably increased, leading to 79 new
   detections of gravitational-waves events to add to the 11


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