MIDAPACK - MIcrowave Data Analysis PACKage 1.0beta
Parallel software tools for high performance CMB DA analysis
MIDAPACK library

General description

The goal of the MIDAS project is to provide high performance, middle-layer software tools, which would aid CMB data analysis efforts, for current and planned CMB experiments, to capitalize on the computational power of parallel (super)computers. The functionality provided by the library is supposed to fill in the gap in between available, low-level, high performance software packages such as Fast Fourier Transforms, dense and sparse linear algebra operations, etc, and the high-level data analysis pipelines, and thus to help the users to benefit from the former, while developing the latter in a more straightforward and transparent way. At the end of the project the library is supposed to provide functionality relevant to all main stages of the data analysis.

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The first installement of the library is a Toeplitz algebra package described below.

This documentation covers the following topics:


This work has been supported in part by French National Research Agency (ANR) through its COSINUS program (project MIDAS no. ANR-09-COSI-009).


High performance computing resources have been provided:

  • in France by CCRT, TGCC, and IDRIS supercomputing centers under the GENCI program through projects: 2011-066647 and 2012-066647;
  • in the US by the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, which is supported by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231.