PROGRAM (an alphabetic list   -   click on the dates on the left for the talk schedule for each of the days)

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David Hand (Imperial, UK):
Keynote talk on Opportunities and Challenges in Modelling and Anomaly Detection
[time/date], [abstract]

Horst Simon (LBL, US):
keynote talk on Barriers to Exascale Computing
[time/date], [abstract]

George Smoot (Paris-Diderot, France):
keynote talk on Cosmology and Cosmic Microwave Background
[time/date], [abstract]

Robert Adler (Technion, Israel):
From mean Euler characteristics to the Gaussian kinematic formula
[time/date], [abstract]

Ethan Anderes (UC Davis, US):
Shrinking the quadratic estimator
[time/date], [abstract]

Jerome Bobin (CEA, France):
Compressed sensing in astrophysics and beyond
[time/date], [abstract]

George Bosilca (UTenn, US):
Performance vs. Productivity a never-ending story
[time/date], [abstract]

Carmelita Carbone (INAF, Italy):
on Secondary CMB anisotropies and their simulations
[time/date], [abstract]

Jean-Francois Cardoso (APC/ENST, France):
on Component separation techniques for CMB maps
[time/date], [abstract]

Joanna Dunkley (Oxford):
on CMB power spectrum estimation techniques
[time/date], [abstract]

Gersande Fort (LTCI/Telecom, France):
on sampling algorithms, Markov and non-Markov chains
[time/date], [abstract]

Laura Grigori (INRIA, France):
on recent developments in numerical linear algebra
[time/date], [abstract]

Reijo Keskitalo (LBL, US):
Making maps for CMB experiments
[time/date], [abstract]

Lloyd Knox (UC Davis, US):
Big overview.
[time/date], [abstract]

Domenico Marinucci (Rome, Italy):
On needlets/wavelets nonGaussianity estimators
[time/date], [abstract]

Hiranya Peiris (UCL, UK):
Hunting for relics from the early universe in the CMB
[time/date], [abstract]

Sivan Toledo (Tel-Aviv, Israel):
Discrete Aspects of High-Performance Iterative Linear Solvers
[time/date], [abstract]

Ben Wandelt (IAP, France):
on non-Gaussianity tests.
[time/date], [abstract]


Soumen Basak (CEA, France):
Sparse component separation for accurate CMB map estimation.
[time/date], [abstract]

Yabebal Fantaye (SISSA, Italy):
CMB lensing reconstruction in the presence of diffuse polarized foregrounds.
[time/date], [abstract]

Stephan Feeney (UCL, UK):
A robust constraint on cosmic textures from the cosmic microwave background.
[time/date], [abstract]

Dominic Galliano (Portsmouth, UK):
Deriving bounds for trispectrum estimators for Planck.
[time/date], [abstract]

Frederic Guilloux (LSTA, France):
Power spectrum estimation on the sphere using wavelets.
[time/date], [abstract]

Michael Hobson (Cambridge, UK):
Nets and nests: accelerated Bayesian inference in astrophysics.
[time/date], [abstract]

Jaiseung Kim (NBI, Denmark):
Restoration of a whole-sky CMB map.
[time/date], [abstract]

Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA, Germany):
Simple foreground cleaning algorithm for detecting primordial B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background.
[time/date], [abstract]

Jason McEwen (UCL, UK):
Spherical wavelet-Bayesian cosmic string tension estimation.
[time/date], [abstract]

Sigurd Kirkevold Næss (Oslo, Norway):
Methodology and lessons from the QUIET Maximum Likelihood map-maker.
[time/date], [abstract]

Anais Rassat (EPFL, Switzerland)
Removal of two large scale Cosmic Microwave Background anomalies after subtraction of the Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect.
[time/date], [abstract]

Mathieu Remazeilles (IAS, France):
Reconstruction of high-resolution SZ maps from heterogeneous datasets using needlets.
[time/date], [abstract]

Alessandro Renzi (SISSA, Italy):
Primordial non-Gaussianity and diffuse Galactic emissions.
[time/date], [abstract]

Sandro Scodeller (Oslo, Norway):
Detection of Point Sources Using Internal Templates and Needlets
[time/date], [abstract]

Meisam Sharify (INRIA, France):
Avoiding Communication in Generalized Least Square Problems.
[time/date], [abstract]

Paul Sutter (UIUC/IAP, US/France):
Accelerating convolutions on the sphere with hybid GPU/CPU kernel splitting.
[time/date], [abstract]

Florent Sureau (CEA, France):
Component Separation for Full-Sky Cosmic Microwave Background Recovery using Sparsity.
[time/date], [abstract]

Mikolaj Szydlarski (INRIA, France):
Accelerating maximum likelihood Cosmic Microwave Background map-making
[time/date], [abstract]


Pierre Chanial (CEA, France):
Tamasis: Python packages for solving small and very large inverse problems.

Pierre Cargemel (APC, France):
Midapack: Pointing and depointing operators for Cosmic Microwave Background data analysis.

Frédéric Dauvergene (APC, France):
Midapack libraryM: Toeplitz algebra for Cosmic Microwave Background data analysis.

Giulio Fabbian (APC, France)
S2HAT-GPU: Library for scalable spherical harmonic transforms on GPGPU.

Balazs Kegl (LAL, France):
An adaptive Metropolis algorithm for inference in mixture signals.

Maude Le Jeune (APC, France):
PIPLET: traceable workflow package for astrophysical and cosmological data analysis

Juan Carlos Munoz Cuerta (AIP, Germany)
Halo based reconstruction of the SDSS mass density field.

Miguel Quartin (UFRJ, Brasil)
Measuring our Peculiar Velocity by "Pre-deboosting" the CMB.