Workshop on
Future prospects of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
APC, Paris - May 22th & May 23rd, 2007

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Scientific Program

The goal of "Future prospects of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays" workshop is to  bring together 
experimentalists from ground-based and  space-based experiments and theoreticians working in the 
field of UHECRs in order to discuss the future of this field.

The workshop will consist of invited talks and open discussions after each session. It will cover
the present status of the field, future ground-based and space experiments, and discussions on 
what such experiments could teach us about astrophysics and particle physics.

This workshop is also supposed to give some input to the cosmic ray working group of the 
ASPERA process whose goal is to develop a European roadmap for astroparticle physics.

Local Organizing Committee at APC:

Philippe Gorodetzky

Angela Olinto

Etienne Parizot

Dmitri Semikoz

Guenter Sigl

Xavier Derkx