Theory and observations of extragalactic magnetic fields
APC, Paris - December 13-15, 2010

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Recent developments in gamma-ray astronomy open a possibility to measure magnetic fields in the voids of the Large Scale Structure. Such measurements are important for theories of the origin of magnetic fields in the Universe. The workshop will bring together gamma-ray, radio and microwave astronomers and theoreticians working on analytical and numerical modeling of magnetic fields in galaxies, galaxy clusters and in the Early Universe. Taking into account the fact that different research communities, which will meet in the course of the Workshop have rather different research methods and terminology, we will reserve significant time for the free discussions of the subjects of each of the workshop topics. The ~2 hour long discussion sessions at the end of each day will follow the overview presentations by invited experts.

Each day of workshop will be devoted to one of three topics (each presentation session followed the discussion)

  • Observations of magnetic fields
    • Faraday rotation measurements
    • Magnetic fields in galaxies and clusters of galaxies
    • CMB measurements
    • Gamma-ray measurements

  • Extragalactic magnetic field theory
    • Formation of fields in galaxies and clusters
    • Inverse cascade and helical fields
    • Astrophysical models of seed fields
    • Cosmological models of seed field origin
    • Numerical simulations

  • EGMF applications and future research
    • Gamma-ray astronomy
    • Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
    • Gamma-ray astronomy
    • Near future of research on EGMF: Planck, gamma-ray, radio

Organizing Committee:

Ruth Durer (Geneva University, Switzerland)

Gwenael Giacinti (APC, Paris)

Michael Kachelriess (Trondheim University, Norway)

Andrii Neronov (ISDC, Switzerland)

Santiago Pita  (APC, Paris)

Dmitri Semikoz (APC, Paris)           (chair)

Sarodia Vydelingum (APC, Paris)           (secretary)