Searching for the sources of Galactic cosmic rays
APC, Paris - December 11-14, 2018

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Pleriminary Program
Workshop will be held on "-1" floor of APC building Condorcet in Amphitheatre "Pierre-Gilles de Gennes. (see Paris 7 campus map in transportation page)

Scientific program

December 11, 2018
Registration 08:40-09:10 and during coffee breaks
Morning session (09:10-12:15)
A. Kouchner 5 min. Welcome to APC
Cosmic Ray Electrons
Y. Asaoka 25 min. +5 min Cosmic-ray Electron and Positron Spectrum from CALET Observations on ISS
Ph.  Bruel 25 min. +5 min Electron spectrum of Fermi
Coffee break (10:15-10:40)
P.   Lipari 25 min. +5 min Interpretation of electron spectrum data
Discussion 60 min
Lunch (12:10-13:40)
Afternoon session (13:40-18:00)
Eon-Suk  Seo 25 min. +5 min ISS-CREAM
D.  Podorozhny 25 min. +5 min NUCLEON
From knee to ankle
M.  Plum 25 min. +5 min Icetop
G.  Di Sciascio 25 min. +5 min ARGO-JB / LHAASO
Coffee break (15:40-16:00)
V.  Prosin 25 min. +5 min TUNKA/TAIGA
S.  BenZvi 25 min. +5 min Icecube/HAWC summary of anisotropy observations
F.  Halzen 25 min. +5 min IceCube results
Discussion 30 minutes
December 12, 2018
Morning session (09:00-12:00)
Galactic Magnetic fields
K.  Ferriere 25 min. +5 min Observations of the (turbulent) Galactic magnetic field
M. Unger 25 min. +5 min Model of galactic magnetic field
T. Jaffe 25 min. +5 min Why there is no Planck magnetic field model
Coffee break (10:30-10:50)
T.  Ensslin 25 min. +5 min IMAGINE
E.   Amato 25 min. +5 min Non-linear self-generated turbulence
Discussion 30 minutes
Lunch (12:30-14:00)
Afternoon session (14:00-18:20)
Cosmic ray propagation
N.   Tomassetti 25 min. +5 min Recent results from AMS-02 and their interpretation
C.   Evoli 25 min. +5 min Diffusion model in halo and disk
G.   Giacinti 25 min. +5 min Anisotropic diffusion
Coffee break (15:30-15:50)
Local bubbles
V.   Dwarkadas 25 min. +5 min Survey of Our Local Environment and Implications for Local Cosmic Rays
Yu.   Schekinov 25 min. +5 min Loop I and underlying super-bubbles
M.   Schulreich 25 min. +5 min Simulations of the Local Superbubble
M.  Kachelriess 25 min. +5 min Cosmic ray propagation in the super-bubbles
Discussion 30 minutes
Workshop Dinner (20:00)
December 13, 2018
Morning session (9:00-12:30)
Ph.  Mertsch 25 min. +5 min Interpretation of cosmic ray small-scale anisotropies
Cosmic ray acceleration
D.   Caprioli 25 min. +5 min PIC simulation of acceleration
A.   Bykov 25 min. +5 min Cosmic ray acceleration and Escape from sources
Coffee break (10:30-10:50)
Astrophysical neutrinos and Galaxy
L.   Fusco 25 min. +5 min Antares/km3
Zh.   Dzhilkibaev 25 min. +5 min Baikal GVD first results
F.   Villante 25 min. +5 min High energy neutrinos and gamma-rays from the galactic disk
Discussion 30 minutes
Afternoon session (14:30-18:00)
Gamma-rays from CR
I.   Moskalenko 25 min. +5 min Fermi global interpretation
J.  Wood 25 min. +5 min HAWC
A.   Lemiere 25 min. +5 min CR in the Galactic Center
Coffee break (16:00-16:20)
A.   Neronov 25 min. +5 min Multi-messenger signal in neutrinos and gamma-rays
Final Discussion Cosmic Rays 60 minutes
Vine and cheese session (starts after discussion)
December 14, 2018
Morning session (9:30-12:30)
J.   Hinton 25 min. +5 min Very high energy gamma ray view of Galaxy
W.   Hofmann 25 min. +5 min Status of CTA
Coffee break (10:30-11:00)
L.   Tibaldo 25 min. +5 min The Galactic Science Program of CTA
R.   Yang 25 min. +5 min Cosmic rays from stellar clusters? Current status and perspectives with CTA
S.   Casanova 25 min. +5 min PeVatrons in the very high energy gamma ray sky: current status and perspective for CTA
Lunch (12:30-14:00)
Afternoon session (14:00-17:00)
P.  Cristofari 25 min. +5 min Supernova remnants with CTA
F.   Schussler 15 min. Future TeV facilities: SGSO
Y.   Becherini 15 min. Future TeV facilities: ALTO
G.   di Sciascio 15 min. Future TeV facilities: LHAASO
M.   Tluchikont 15 min. Future TeV facilities: TUNKA/HISCORE
Coffee break (15:30-16:00)
F.   Aharonian 60 min. Discussion: gamma-ray observations