Sources of Galactic cosmic rays
APC, Paris - December 7-9, 2016

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Scientific Program

Scientific program

December 7, 2016
Morning session (09:00-13:00)
D.   Semikoz 5 min Welcome
Cosmic ray observations
M.   Panasyuk 25 min. +5 min Review of direct measurements of cosmic rays
M. Pohl 25 min. +5 min Results of AMS-2 Cosmic Ray Observatory Five Years in Orbit
D.   Podorozhnyi 25 min. +5 min Galactic cosmic rays from NUCLEON to HERO
Coffee break (10:40-11:00)
R. Binns 25 min. +5 min Composition measurement and recent Fe-60 detection
S.  Schoo 25 min. +5 min KASCADE-Grande: Composition and post-LHC models
Discussion of observations and models 30 min
Lunch (12:30-14:00)
Afternoon session (14:00-17:30)
Galactic magnetic field
F.   Boulanger 25 min. +5 min Planck view at Galactic magnetic fields
G.   Farrar 25 min. +5 min Towards modeling the Galactic Magnetic Field
A.   Shukurov 25 min. +5 min Propagation of cosmic rays in intermittent magnetic fields
Coffee break (15:30-15:50)
Anisotropy of cosmic rays
S.   Westerhof 25 min. +5 min Review of anisotropy measurements
G. Giacinti 25 min. +5 min Theoretical interpretation of anisotropy measurements
Discussion on magnetic field and anisotropy 40 minutes
December 8, 2016
Morning session (09:00-12:00)
Gamma-rays and neutrinos
S.   BenZvi 25 min. +5 min Observation of Galactic Gamma-rays with HAWC
F.   Halzen 25 min. +5 min IceCube: the discovery of cosmic neutrinos
M.   Ahlers 25 min. +5 min Interpretation of astrophysical neutrinos
Coffee break (10:30-10:50)
I. Moskalenko 25 min. +5 min Deciphering the Milky Way with GALPROP
A. Strong 25 min. +5 min Truths universally acknowledged? Some thoughts on CR folklore
C.   Evoli 25 min. +5 min
Lunch (12:30-14:00)
Afternoon session (14:00-18:00)
P.   Blasi 25 min. +5 min Non linear propagation of Galactic Cosmic Rays
M.   Kachelriess 25 min. +5 min Escape Model, Transition and Neutrinos
M.   Unger 25 min. +5 min Mass Composition Studies with the Pierre Auger Observatory
Coffee break (15:30-15:50)
S.  Ostapchenko 25 min. +5 min CR Composition and secondary production
E.   Parizot 25 min. +5 min Energy spectrum and composition constraints on the transition from Galactic to extragalactic cosmic rays
A.   Taylor 25 min. +5 min Extragalac Cosmic Rays above the Iron Knee
Discussion of composition and propagation of cosmic rays 17:20-18:00
Workshop Dinner (20:00)
December 9, 2016
Morning session (9:00-12:30)
Acceleration and spectrum of cosmic rays
M.   Lemoine 25 min. +5 min Acceleration of cosmic rays - general principles and extreme energies
A.   Bykov 25 min. +5 min Particle acceleration in galactic sources
Coffee break (10:00-10:20)
S.  Gabici 25 min. +5 min Gamma-rays and the sources of galactic cosmic rays (with a focus on PeVatrons and galactic centre)
R.  Yang 25 min. +5 min Radial distribution of Galactic Cosmic rays
D.  Malyshev 25 min. +5 min Spectrum of cosmic rays in the galactic disk
Discussion of acceleration and CR spectrum 11:50-12:30
Afternoon session (14:00-18:00)
Local Galaxy effects
R.   Lallement 25 min. +5 min Local Galaxy environment review
M.   Schulreich 25 min. +5 min SNe and the Local Bubble
B.   Fields 25 min. +5 min When Stars Attack! Recent Near-Earth Supernovae Revealed by 60Fe
Coffee break (15:30-16:00)
A.   Neronov 25 min. +5 min Anisotropy and anti-particles from local source
F.   Aharonian 25 min. +5 min Theoretical understanding of the origin of Galactic cosmic rays (summary)
Final discussion (60 min)