Searching for the sources of Galactic cosmic rays
APC, Paris - December 12-14, 2012

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Scientific Program
The idea of this workshop is to bring together both the physics community working on cosmic ray detection in space and on the ground, the gamma-ray and neutrino telescope community, and the community who model the CR sources and deal with the propagation of cosmic rays in the Interstellar Medium and in the Heliosphere. Taking into account the fact that different research communities which will meet in the course of this Workshop have rather different research methods and terminology, we will reserve significant time for the open discussions of the subjects of each of the workshop topics. The ~2 hour long discussion sessions at the end of each day will follow the overview presentations by invited experts.

Main topics of the workshop:

  • Cosmic Rays in the Solar system: theory and direct observations
  • Observations of the cosmic ray spectrum and mass composition
  • Cosmic ray anisotropy: observations and interpretation
  • Local Galactic environment
  • Models of the Galactic magnetic field
  • Cosmic rays in molecular clouds: theory and observations
  • Gamma-ray astronomy and Galactic cosmic rays
  • Acceleration of cosmic rays
  • Propagation of cosmic rays
  • Sources of Galactic cosmic rays

Organizing Committee:

Michael Kachelriess (Trondheim University, Norway)

Andrii Neronov (ISDC, Switzerland)

Dmitri Semikoz (APC, Paris)           (chair)

Andrew Taylor  (ISDC, Switzerland)

Sarodia Vydelingum (APC, Paris)           (secretary)