Second meeting of the international research project Hamburg-Paris-Oxford "Astroparticle Physics with Multiple Messengers"
APC, Paris - May 29-30, 2012

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Scientific Program
A Research Project "Astroparticle Physics with Multiple Messengers" for exchanging Ph.D. students between University of Hamburg, Laboratoire Astroparticule et Cosmologie (APC) in Paris, France, and Department of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom was started from January 2012.
    During second meeting of the project we are planning to give set of lectures for Ph.D. students. Lectures are open for everybody.

Preliminary list of lectures:

  • J. Devriendt (Oxford U.) "Numerical simulations of galaxy formation and evolution"
  • D. Horns (Hamburg U.) "Ground based gamma-ray observations"
  • A. Kouchner (APC, Paris) "High energy neutrinos "
  • Th. Patzak (APC, Paris) "Theoretical and Experimental aspects on Physics with Megaton-size Detectors"
  • D. Semikoz (APC, Paris) "Search of the cosmic ray sources"
  • G. Sigl (Hamburg U.) " UHECR propagation in the magnetic fields"
  • J.Silk (Oxford U.) "Signatures of Particle Dark Matter"