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Steve Torchinsky, 23 April 2009


current version:   fitsplode_0.90.tar.gz (42KiB)
md5sum:  4f00e8afb173de198672453a8c8d90f


You need pgplot and cfitsio. There’s no autoconf (sorry) so edit the Makefile to point to the correct locations for pgplot and cfitsio. If you’re lucky, a simple “make” will compile the executable.

pgplot is by Tim Pearson:

cfitsio can be downloaded from NASA:


The following series of commands will work on most distributions:

$ wget
$ tar xvf fitsplode_0.90.tar.gz
$ cd fitsplode
$ make

You will have to edit the Makefile to point to your installation of pgplot, if you did not install it in /usr/local/pgplot, and similarly, for cfitsio.


You may like to install the executable in a standard directory which is on your executable path, typically /usr/local/bin

$ sudo cp -pv fitsplode /usr/local/bin

If you get an error that the pgplot library is not found, it’s likely because the pgplot directory is not in your library path. This can be fixed with the following command (in bash):

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/pgplot

Alternatively, you can use (and modify) the example wrapper script which is called


Please send me bug reports, or feature requests. You can use my message form.

Steve Torchinsky
Meudon, 2009 April 22

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