Gravitation seminar: Chiranjib Mondal, A flexible model for neutron star equation of state from nuclear physics

The gravitation group is inviting you to the following seminar:

A flexible model for neutron star equation of state from nuclear physics

Development in multi-messenger astronomy over the last few years has
opened new facets to the hadronic matter at densities beyond our terrestrial
reach. It provides new constraints to the theories of nuclear physics, where an
absolute energy density functional is desired from ab-initio mechanisms. Under
the realm of general relativity, there is a one-to-one correspondence between

Ceremony for the recognition of the Virgo interferometer as IEEE Milestone

Dear all,

We are glad to provide you further information about the ceremony to be held this Wednesday starting from 4:30pm local time (UTC+1).

The event can be followed in streaming on the EGO and Virgo youtube channel:
We will use the Youtube chat as a "Golden Book" to collect testimonials, anecdotes that you would like to tell or simply to show that you are present at this event.

First Einstein Telescope France workshop

Le premier workshop ET-France

L'objectif du workshop est d'échanger des informations sur le projet et de discuter de la participation et de l’organisation de la communauté française.

Le workoshop est structuré en 4 sessions : une session d'informations générales, une session sur la science avec ET, une sur l'instrument et la R&D, et une session finale de discussion. 

Le site web sera mis à jour dans les semaines à venir avec des informations détaillées sur les présentations. Mais vous pouvez déjà vous inscrire. 


Exotic compact objects and their gravitational waves by Alexandre Toubiana

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming our very own Alexandre Toubiana for the next Gravitation group seminar. He will present his recent work on exotic compact objects and their gravitational waves, abstract below.

The virtual seminar will take place this Friday, 27th November at 11am. The zoom coordinates are also below.



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