2 years junior post-doctoral position on Gamma-Ray Bursts and Multi-messenger Astrophysics

In the framework of the Laboratory of Excellence UnivEarthS, we are offering a junior post-doctoral position (less than 2 years from PhD) on Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) and Multi-messenger Astrophysics. The successful candidate will be hosted at APC in Paris and will work under the responsibility of Dr. Alexis Coleiro.

The post
-doc net salary will be about 2040 per month.The tasks of the post-doc will be to contribute to the study of GRB environment and progenitors through optical and near-infrared spectroscopic observations of GRB afterglows, performed in the framework of the STARGATE collaboration. The participation to STARGATE will include the commitment of the post-doc to provide shift activities implying being on call on a 24 hr basis, with the task of triggering and coordinating the follow-up facilities (typically ESO telescopes). An active collaboration with the other UnivEarthS participating laboratories (Observatoire de Paris/GEPI (S. Vergani), DAp/AIM (E. Le Floc'h)) is expected on this task.

Part of the time (up to 30%) of the post-doctoral project will be spent on contributing to the preparation of the follow-up of Multi-messenger sources using the SVOM instruments, especially for the Ligo/Virgo O4 science run. SVOM is a Sino-French mission dedicated to GRBs and other transients, expected to be operational in 2022. This task will also be performed in collaboration with DAPp/AIM (D. Götz) and under the responsibility of C. Lachaud at APC.

The post-doc is expected to activelyparticipate to collaboration meetings (STARGATE or SVOM) in order to present his/her results.

The position will be available starting on September 1st 2020, but a later start of the contract can be negotiated if needed. Previous experience in follow-up observations of GRBs, especially within the STARGATE collaboration, will be considered as criterion of preference in the selection process.

The candidates shall send a CV including a list of publications (max 3 pages),a statement of research (max 1 page), and the coordinates of two reference contacts to diego.gotzatcea.fr (diego.gotz@cea.)diego.gotzatcea.fr (fr) and coleiroatapc.in2p3.fr by July 31st 2020.


Alexis Coleiro



Mercredi, 22 avril, 2020