Service Electronics

Organigramme du service

The service covers all the business lines and relies on the Quality and Project Support Unit to meet the quality assurance requirements required in international collaborations and space projects and uses a secure document management with The EDMS tool provided by the IN2P3.

As the APC laboratory is part of the IN2P3 institute, the electronic service can rely on the policy of pooling software resources for electronic developments and joint actions in order to meet the needs of laboratory experiments.

Technical means and equipment

To implement the various activities, the department has a number of standard laboratory test and measurement equipment, more specific for microelectronics, qualification of space components and CAD software (CADENCE), both for PCB, ASIC, digital and analog simulation, and programmable circuit design (FPGA) design.

These software

    Making diagrams (CONCEPT HDL-COMPOSER)
    Simulate digital or analog systems (VERILOG HDL, VHDL, SPECTER)
    Develop programmable circuits of ALTERA, XILINX and ACTEL (EPLD / FPGA) (SYNPLIFY)
    Realization of the physical implantation of the components on multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) (ALLEGRO)
    Realization of the design of submicron integrated circuits with large scale integration (VLSI) (ARTIST - VIRTUOSO) ality and Assistance to the Projects


9 persons: IR (Ingénieur de Recherche), IE (Ingénieurs d'Etudes), AI (Assistant Ingénieurs), T (Techniciens)

  • Boutonnet Claude
  • Champion Cedric
  • Desplancques Gilles
  • Monier Guy
  • Noury Alexis
  • Oger Ronan
  • Prat Pierre
  • Santos Cayetano
  • Selmane Sahbi