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The APC laboratory is involved in the construction of large terrestrial observatories for astroparticle and cosmology. It also contributes to the development of scientific payloads for space projects.

In this context, the researchers and engineers of the laboratory develop expertise recognized and appreciated by all their partners:

  • Space techniques and technologies
  • Qualification of components for harsh environments (space, radioactive environments, deserts, underwater detectors, antartics...)
  • Photodetection: Scintillators (crystals and plastics), photodetectors (Photomultipliers, SiPM, APD...)
  • Development of new detectors (Gamma cameras...)
  • Fast and massive acquisition of signals (Flash ADC Borexino, double chooz)
  • Millimeter wave detectors: cryogenic temperature detectors, bolometry, SQUID, SPAD...
  • Microelectronics operating at cryogenic temperature
  • Scientific data processing (Face)
  • Mechanical Prototyping
  • Electronics
  • Programming of embedded systems



Correspondant de valorisation: Stéphane COLONGES  Office: 523B, Phone: 01 57 27 61 84