Low noise laboratory

  1. A room (8,3m x 4,5m 37,5 m2) dedicated to low noise tests and characterizations especially at low frequency (0.1mHz – 1Hz), is located in the basement of the Condorcet building in order to minimize the effects of vibrations due to the environment.

  2. The laboratory room temperature can be regulated by a precision air-conditioning bench (STULZ CyberAir 2 ASD300CW) between 20°C and 25°C with a precision better than 1°C and a calorific power of 20kW. This air-conditioning bench is connected to the chilled water distribution of the building.

  3. A heat exchanger (water/water) is foreseen in order to allow in the future, the connection of a temperature servo-controlled system (based on the Peltier technology) with a cooling power of 4 kW. 

Contact: Pierre Prat

APC laboratory

General Presentation

Table below list the equipments available